8 Ways WordPress Rules for Websites

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wordpress rules for websites

8 Ways WordPress Rules for Websites

Here at Hook and Loop, we build the majority of small business websites on WordPress.

Originally a blogging platform, WordPress is now used for thousands of new websites daily and is a great platform to use for all sorts of sites including e-commerce or gallery sites.

What is WordPress exactly?

Technically speaking, WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System. It’s open source, which means thousands of developers and designers around the world have the ability to contribute to it.

At it’s most basic, the platform offers up a very easy to use way to publish content online. The option of dressing up a WordPress site with thousands of different themes to change the way it looks, and selecting from a massive range of plugins to extend a site’s capability, this platform has become a flexible and powerful tool.  So much so that over a quarter of the world’s website’s are now built on WordPress.

Why does it rock?

There are plenty of reasons to love WordPress, but here in our opinion are the top 8 Ways WordPress Rules for Websites:

1. It’s intuitive.

The Content Management System (CMS) that sits behind WordPress sites is highly intuitive to use and really not much more difficult than Microsoft Word. Certainly, there are some settings that you probably shouldn’t meddle with if you are not really familiar with the system, but that can be easily managed by setting permissions.You won’t have to spend days in professional web design training to learn the basics of updating content and images. We’re pretty sure your to do list is long enough already. You can learn the basics in less than an hour (and if you need a refresher check out these handy YouTube WordPress Tutorials).You can immediately update information without having to put in a call to your web designer to make minor tweaks.You’ll probably be much more inspired to add extra content on pages or posts. This is great for your website because Google and other search engines love fresh, relevant content so publishing regularly on your site will lift its performance in search results.

2. It’s optimised for mobile

Many WordPress themes have been developed to display your website on tablets and smartphones just as effectively as on a desktop screen. At Hook and Loop, we always select these proven responsive WordPress themes for our clients because, as more and more people access websites this way, you can’t afford for yours not to work well on these platforms. WordPress automatically recognises how someone is viewing your site and configures the content to be viewed appropriately on either. Clever huh?

3. Plugins make it flexible and functional

There are fantastic plugins being developed by the WordPress community to address almost any function you need in your website. Because WordPress is an OpenSource system, there are thousand of developers working at any one time to come up with clever, easy to use additions that benefit WordPress Site Owners. WooCommerce, an ecommerce plugin, is just one example.

4. It’s easy to make WordPress SEO friendly

WordPress includes features such as the ability to automatically generate search-friendly URLS. In addition, there are many great SEO plugins, such as Yoast, that allow you to check and improve your on-page content for SEO results. Finally, because it’s so easy to add and update content in WordPress, you are more likely to regularly add quality content to your website, helping Google love you more.

5. Scheduling is easy

You can create content ahead of time and use the scheduling function to publish at a later date. This is perfect for businesses who have a blog or news section that they want to regularly update, without having stick to a stringent calendar of posting. For example, you could create a Christmas greeting in June but schedule it to appear in December, when you are frantically tying up end of year jobs and might overlook your website. You could also streamline your time by spending a whole day creating 12 blog posts to publish every month for the year ahead – a small investment of time for a big result.

6. It’s social

You can feed your content such as blog posts directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ as they publish. This again saves you time, and gives you backlinks to your site which is important for SEO.

Athough automation is a great time saver, remember to keep an eye on your social media pages so that you can respond to comments and enter into conversations with your network and potential customers that will help your business to engage.

7. It offers a level of in built security

Good WordPress software and plugins are frequently updated to stay secure and safe from hackers.  Of course, you need to ensure that you are accepting the updates in the administration dashboard of your website or have someone like up updating and backing up your site regularly, to ensure it doesn’t develop any vulnerabilities.

8. It’s scaleable

Maybe you don’t have the budget or resources to get your dream website right away. The beauty of WordPress is that you can start with a simple one page presence and add to it over time, without having to start all over again.  Updating and replacing themes can change the entire look of your website, without having to throw away content or the SEO juice that you have already earned.

Could WordPress work for you?

If you need a flexible, scaleable and responsive website that can be easily updated in the fast moving online world, WordPress is an excellent option.  Because of its flexibility, the platform is used by everyone from solo bloggers to large ecommerce businesses – and it could be the solution for your online business presence too.

Could WordPress work for your business website?


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