New Ventures

Step off on the right foot with solid branding.


Marketing Makeovers

Breathe new life into a tired business image.



Extending an existing marketing strategy.


How do we help with content and design?

At Hook and Loop, we have developed our integrated content and design model to help streamline the production of marketing collateral and online resources for a range of businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals.

The organisations that we help can be in different stages of their lifecycle including:

We take the onus off our clients to produce their own content.  We write professional marketing copy and ensure it is integrated with stand out design for a high quality marketing solution. We believe our clients get better, faster results for their marketing investment this way.

We work closely with our clients to find out what they need to say and portray about their businesses, non-profit organisations or themselves.  We send out the messages in the right formats to reach our clients’ audiences.

Our work covers a range of online and print marketing materials including websites, brand and print, and  production of both digital and printmarketing content and design.

If it sounds like we could you, feel free to get in touch for a chat!