Planning and Executing Marketing Campaigns

You may require an integrated marketing campaign in order to:

  • build awareness of your brand
  • launch a new product
  • increase sales of an existing product or service, or
  • combat a change in marketing environment

Integrated marketing campaigns may include online marketing, email marketing, print distribution, advertising, social media promotion and more.  All campaigns need to be built with your target market in mind, using the right channels to get your message across.

Hook and Loop’s integrated content and design solutions can help support your campaign.  With our experience in developing digital and print marketing tools, advertising planning, publications,  promotional merchandise and trade display units, please get in touch about how we can work with you to develop and support your next marketing campaign.

A Fresh Responsive Website for Pearl Sea

Marketing Makeover for LTT by Hook and Loop

A new style for LTT’s national push

Feel Good Food campaign for Western Potatoes by Hook and Loop

Feel Good Food campaign for Western Potatoes

Off the plan campaign marketing for property developer Devwest by Hook and Loop

Origin Apartments campaign for Devwest