Small and medium-sized

Make a better impression with superior marketing.


Non-profit organisations

Extend your appeal with a clearer message.


Marketing for

People who put their own name
to their venture.


Who do we help?

As an integrated content and design company, Hook and Loop provides marketing and communication tools for:

  • Small to Medium sized businesses
  • Not for profit associations
  • Government organisations
  • Individuals

We often assist Small to Medium sized businesses (SMEs) and not-for-profit organisations that have limited staff resources, experience and time to invest in developing their own professional content and design. By providing an integrated content and design solution, we help our clients overcome the difficultly of resourcing these projects in house.  This results in a faster, more professional end product for our clients.

Client examples

Some of the small business (SMEs), individuals and not-for-profit organisation types we have assisted with design and content are:

Have a look at our case studies for further examples.  If it sounds like we can help you, please get in touch for a chat.