Writing copy and content

Using the right words to persuade and engage your audience is one of the pillars of effective marketing. Professional copy writing is needed for everything from websites and brochures to award applications annual reports.

There is also a growing emphasis on the creation of high quality content in the form of blog posts, ebooks, white papers, pod casts, videos and more to help attract customers to form a relationship with your organisation in the early stages of the sales process.

How Hook and Loop can help with content and copy writing

Are you confident that you can:

  • clearly describe your business or organisation’s key strengths, in a way that matters to your clients?
  • engage you target audience with messages that are crafted especially for them?
  • create an ongoing relationship with your prospects or community through effective, regular communication?
  • Craft a clear call to action design to get your prospects to act?
  • do all of the above in a clear and concise way?

If not, Hook and Loop can help with our professional content and copy writing service. We have created our ‘one-stop-shop’ model to offer an integrated content and design solution to our clients.

The content and copy writing process

How do we write comprehensive copy and content on your behalf?  We use some or all of the following techniques:

  • interviewing management and staff (if relevant) to gain a strong understanding of your organisation or business and its key strengths.
  • researching background material that has been previously developed for your organisation.
  • Doing  our own research into your industry and competitors to gain a deep understanding of issues, trends and customer decision criteria.

How we develop your content will often vary depending on the kind of organisation you are, and the style of the content or copy required.  We take into account the best way to get your messages across and the ideal outcome for your organisations.

As a final step, we will check all content and copy with you and adjust it as necessary,  to make sure we have got your messages right, for the result that you want.

Copy and content – what’s the difference?
Technically speaking, copy is text that is designed to sell something, while content is text that is designed to inform, educate and engage with your target audience.

Copy writing (also called copywriting)  is often associated with more traditional marketing and sales materials like long form sales letters and brochures.

Content often means digital or online marketing, in the form of blogs, whitepapers, ebooks and other information businesses offer their prospects in the early and ongoing phases of their sales process.

Content can mean videos, podcasts and social media as well as writing.  It’s information designed to engage customers, setting the groundwork for an ongoing relationship. High quality and relevant digital content is important for search engine results.

Some very popular and effective marketing tools such as print newsletters, e-newsletters and websites often contain a mix of both copy and content.  Most businesses will need to use both to support their marketing through the various stages of the sales funnel.

If you would like to find out more about how Hook and Loop can help with copy and content writing for your business, please get in touch.