Wondering how we do things
around here?


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand what Hook and Loop can offer you:

Q. I’m looking for a web designer but you’re a content and design agency – can I get the website I need from you?

A. Yes you can.  We offer both content and design to help small businesses reach their end goal of getting a website up as painlessly as possible. Why? In our experience of building websites for clients, we’ve found that creating the content can be the toughest hurdle with many people not knowing how to write effective copy for the web.  Hook and Loop aims to take the barriers away by working with you to develop great content, paired with beautiful and functional design.

Q. Do you only offer set products?

A. No, we have listed some of the most commonly sought after products such as websites, brand and print packages and publications, but  we are happy to talk to you about how we can help with any of your integrated content and design needs. Using our marketing agency experience and understanding of marketing strategy, Hook and Loop can work with you to create a specific solution to support your marketing and communication goals.

Q. Looks like you do a lot of websites – do you also provide content and design for print?

A. Yes we certainly do design and write for print. Our range of services includes writing and designing both hard copy and electronic newletters, magazines and brochures, plus corporate identity work such as logos, business cards and stationery.  We can also sort out  printing for you with a recommended printer.

Q. What if I need something special designed like an exhibition display, point of sale or promotion item?

A. Hook and Loop can provide full design services to extend your design and content to a range of applications. We’ve designed traveling expo displays, promotional toys and merchandise for some of our clients.

Q. Once you’ve designed my website, do I need to come back to you every time I need something changed?

A. Not at all. Hook and Loop choose to build the majority of our clients’ websites on WordPress, an extremely user-friendly option with a simple but powerful Content Management System (CMS) behind it. We will provide instruction on how to update your pages as part of all our website design packages so that you can do this at no cost yourself.  If you are worried about deleting crucial information, we can set up your website so that you can only update certain areas. And if you are still worried, we can always update it for you!

Q. What does Hook and Loop specialise in?

A. Our largest area of specialisation is creating mobile friendly websites for small businesses and non-profits that come complete with great content and design. We always consider websites from a marketing as well as a technical standpoint, so that they not only have great content and design, but are responsive (display on smartphones and tablets as well as on PCs) and meet the marketing communications and other business goals of our customers.

Q. Do you look after social media too?

A. We are experienced in running Facebook business pages and Instagram accounts on behalf of our clients, to extend their brands.  After all, social media also needs great content and design!

Q. Can Hook and Loop look after all my marketing needs?

A. We can look after most of your content and design needs and offer strategic advice about areas you may want to consider. If there is a marketing service that you need that we don’t provide, such as creating television commercials, we will refer you to someone who can help.

Q. Where are you based?

A. Hook and Loop is based in lovely Perth ,Western Australia. We mainly work with clients in the Perth Metropolitan Area, but we also work for clients in regional Western Australia and other parts of Australia.

If you have any other questions about Hook and Loop not covered here, feel free to contact us.