Enewsletters to keep you on the radar

Repeat customers can be the most valuable and cost effective source of ongoing business. But if you don’t remind them, will they think of you first next time they need something?

Communicating with your customers and prospects on a regular basis via enewsletters  (otherwise known as email marketing) is a great way to stay top of mind.  Hook and Loop has developed the Enews content package to help support this.

Enewsletter Package

The Enewsletter Package makes it easy to stay on the radar with:

  • a half day content briefing session to map out content and stories for the year
  • 1 x enewsletter per month (over 12 month)
  • all enewsletter account setup
  • all content writing and editing
  • custom enewsletter layout and designs
  • stock imagery as required
  • distribution to up to 2000 contacts (provided by you)*
  • monthly report of opens, click through rates and opt in/outs
  • Email Capture/sign up form  for your website

*Distribution to over 2000 contacts is available for an extra fee.

Package Cost

$600/month +GST – minimum 12 month commitment

The Enews content pack brings current and potential clients to your website (psst – if you don’t have a website yet, check out our Professional Website Package!)