Print newsletters – a valuable communication tool

Is there still a place for traditional (print) newspapers in your marketing mix?

The answer is – it depends upon the customers or stakeholders you are trying to target, including:

  • their age
  • their access to the internet/email
  • their personal preferences for receiving information, e.g. reading hard copy over breakfast vs surfing the ipad on the couch.

The advantages of print newsletters

Print newsletters are more expensive to get to the end reader than email newsletters due to factors including printing and postage costs, but they do have certain advantages including:

  • greater perceived value – not as easy to ‘delete’ as an email newsletter
  • longevity – print newsletters are more likely to be kept for longer and passed around to other people than enewsletters
  • convenience – print newsletters are more likely to be read at one’s leisure, rather than interrupting work or other online activities
  • more reliable delivery – for example they can’t be caught in spam filters
  • Can be seen as less invasive than email newsletters, particularly for recipients who suffer from ’email overload’!

Print Newsletters Package

With your 12 month commitment to this package you receive:

  • a half day content briefing session to map out themes and stories for the year
  • Monthly email or phone updates, interviews and support
  • all content writing, editing and design for your monthly newsletter x 12 issues
  • stock imagery as required
  • Custom print newsletter layout and design in print quality PDF*

*Printing of your print newsletter can be arranged on quotation, as quantity and stock required will vary.

Content and Design Package Cost

$1,350/month + GST – minimum 12 month commitment